Basic workshops are designed to equip local church or association volunteers to begin and maintain one of three literacy ministries (Adult Reading and Writing, Tutoring Children and Youth, and English as a Second Language). Each ministry area has its own basic workshop. The workshop includes area-specific information and techniques. Every workshop includes a session to equip volunteers to share their faith with their students.

A person who has successfully completed the national Leadership Workshop for leaders and received certification through the National Literacy Missions Partnership and Send Relief is able to lead the workshop for which she/he is certified.

The term drills usually refers to the English as a Second Language exercises used to teach English words and phrases. The drills are taught in a specific order and with a specific process to provide optimal opportunity to practice speaking English.

The hybrid workshop is a version of the basic workshop that includes both an online component and a live component. Participants must take both portions of the course to be certified. All three training tracks are available in a fully-live and a hybrid format. Leadership Workshop and Leader Update Workshops are conducted in a hybrid format.

Leadership Workshop is designed to equip experienced literacy ministry workers in one of three ministries to train local church/association volunteers to begin and administer that ministry. In addition to ministry-specific skills, the participants are trained and assessed in presentation skills and communication skills. Certification as basic workshop leaders is dependent upon successful completion of written, oral, and skill-based assignments. State Convention recommendation is a pre- requisite for participation in Leadership Workshop. The live portion of Leadership Workshop is held annually at a location determined by the Partnership Leadership Team.

Leader Update Workshops are conducted yearly. Participants receive updates in materials and are re-assessed on the skills needed to lead basic workshops. Basic workshop leaders should plan to attend an update workshop every five years. The Partnership sponsors a yearly hybrid leader update in each ministry area. State Conventions may also invite national trainers to their convention to complete an update workshop.

Those leaders who have been chosen and trained to conduct a training track at the National Leadership Workshop are considered National Workshop Leaders. These leaders have been observed to excel in their ministry areas and their leadership skills.

A State Coordinator is the person responsible for literacy ministries in their state Baptist convention. This person may be a state staff person or a volunteer who answers to a convention staff member. The state coordinator is responsible for promoting literacy ministries, equipping of local volunteers, and supporting ministries within their convention.

A Partner State is a Baptist State Convention that supports the work of the National Literacy Missions Partnership through financial gifts. Gifts may be given at any time, but are usually requested at the end of one year to use in the next year.

The Partnership comes alongside both NAMB and Send Relief to manage the training materials and workshops. The current ministries have their root in the forerunner of NAMB (The Home Mission Board). The basic workshop manuals, trainer materials, and workshops are copyrighted by the North American Mission Board. The Partnership is Send Relief’s designated ministry contact point and works closely with them in maintaining the integrity and validity of the teaching materials.