Tutoring Children and Youth Ministry

Why Partner with us?

  1. The NLMP is recognized by the North American Mission Board and Send Relief as the point organization for all three literacy missions ministries. We work hand-in-hand with NAMB and Send Relief to create training materials, support State Convention staff and local volunteers as we are invited to do so.
  1. We advocate for all three literacy missions ministries throughout SBC life.
  1. The national training we conduct on a yearly basis continues the NAMB literacy missions model of training leaders to go back to their local settings and train others—multiplication of leaders and ministries. It is very difficult for a state to replicate the quality of training materials, excellence of leaders, and awareness that God is working all over the United States during this training.
  1. We help State Conventions when they do not have leaders in a particular area by recommending leaders from other Conventions to lead workshops We make every effort to assist any Convention who asks for our help.
  1. We continue to improve the workshop material to align it with the way people are learning now, including using online instruction coupled with in-person learning.
  1. Because we are cooperative with but separate from NAMB/Send Relief we have greater freedom in expanding our ministry, and we continue to explore those opportunities.
  1. Those trained by our volunteers who wish to take a mission trip to teach English in a high security area can receive a verifiable certificate that shows they have been trained to teach English.

We provide web resources and personal contact for those workshop or state leaders who have any questions about literacy missions and have helped in several areas to clarify, encourage, and resource.